white oak veneer

White Oak Veneer

White oak veneer is one of the most popular wood veneers in architectural woodworking projects.

These are the 2 main types of white oak wood in the wood veneer market.

One is popular American white oak wood, another is European white oak wood.

Moreover, you can also choose reconstituted white oak. There are dozens of different colors and grains of reconstituted white oak.

In some joinery and interior fit-out works, the designers like to use smoked oak veneer, rough sawn cut oak veneer, dyed white oak, and rustic knotty white oak.

For furniture and door production, you can consider using matched white oak layons or fleece-backed thin white oak sheets.

8 Main Types of White Oak Wood Sheets and Rolls

reconstituted white oak veneer

Reconstituted White Oak Veneer

Want to save the total costs of your white oak woodworking projects?

White oak color reconstituted veneer designs are your best option.

You can get veneer sheets all in 2×8 ft or 4×8 ft panel size, with consistent color and grain from sheet to sheet.

But most importantly, you can order any color and grains as your imagination.

For example, light color white oak, dark color white oak, black oakwood, fumed white oak, grey oak veneer sheets, and so on.

The thickness of reconstituted white oak can be from 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.55mm, 1.0mm to 2mm as your request.

If you want the big quantities of white oak grains veneer sheets for hotels or interior doors, recon white oak is your best option.

American White Oak Veneer

When we say white oak, most time that means American white oak wood.

American white oak is in a huge production in the worldwide wood veneer business.

And it is also a big quantity of application in interior decoration and furniture manufacturing.

The common is 0.5mm and 0.55mm natural American white oak veneer sheet from the US and European suppliers.

But, the standard stock is about 0.42mm from China’s oak veneer suppliers.

Besides, you can also get super thin 0.25mm oak veneer,  1mm and 2mm thick oak veneer sheets.

Plain sliced white oak, quarter cut white oak, rift cut white oak are available here in China.

American white oak veneer sheets
European white oak veneer

European White Oak Veneer

European oak veneer is not popular in China’s wood veneer market compare to American oak veneer.

But European oak veneer still is in big demand in the European furniture and interior decoration market.

As I know, most European oak wood is from France and Serbia in China.

In Vietnam, India, and Mexico’s furniture and decoration market, European white oak veneer has a big market.

We produce a big quantity of 0.5mm and 1mm European oak veneer sheets for veneering panels and engineered wood flooring top layer.

Besides, 0.65mm rough sawn cut European oak veneer sheet is also available.

Smoked White Oak Veneer

In recent years, smoked veneers are more popular for interior wall backgrounds.

Smoked white oak and smoked Eucalyptus veneer are the two most popular wood species.

Smoked oak veneer is also known as fumed oak veneer.

No matter American red oak, white oak, or European oak veneer, all can make smoked oak veneer.

But, the most production is smoked white oak wood veneer.

You can get a pure dark color, brown caramel color, and vary dark and brown color.

If you want smoked oak veneer, but can not afford 0.5mm or 0.55mm thick veneer costs.

Then you should consider our 0.25mm thin smoked oak veneer sheets.

smoked white oak veneer
knotty antique rustic white oak veneer

Knotty White Oak Veneer

Knotty white oak is also known as rustic oak veneer.

The standard thickness we can supply 0.5mm, 1mm, and 2mm for furniture and table.

Usually, those knotty oak veneer sheets are press on wood board to make rustic furniture.

That rustic oak furniture is very popular in the European and American markets.

More and more clients like the natural knot on oak wood, so they want to keep these natural “defects”.

We also provide matched 4x8ft panel size rustic oak veneer layons or door panel size veneer sheets.

Matched White Oak Veneer

If you want to save time and costs to press raw oak veneer sheets on wood panels, then choose matched oak veneer sheets.

In this way, you can get customized full panel size oak veneer sheets.

For example, book matched white oak and slip matched white oak are the two most popular matching veneers.

Besides, you can choose random match oak veneer, diamond match oak veneer for table top, and special design oak veneer layons.

Not only raw natural oak veneer, but you can also choose dyed white oak and smoked oak veneer. To make customized matching for veneered panels, furniture, and wood doors.

White Oak Veneer Rolls

There are two main applications of oak wood veneer rolls.

One is veneer edge banding from 15mm to 60mm wide, another is wrapping veneer from 60mm to 300mm wide.

What’s more, the extra width of 620mm veneer rolls is available now.

Of course, you can choose to use either natural white oak or recon white oak.

When it comes to oak veneer edge banding, we provide UV prefinished coating service.

That means you can get UV clear lacquer oak edge banding and stained color oak edge banding.

For profile wrapping, we suggest 0.25mm thickness oak wrapping veneer rolls. Because the thin veneer is flexible and durable with fleece backed.

Rough Sawn Cut White Oak Veneer

Rough sawn cut American white oak and Rough sawn cut European oak both are available here.

The standard thickness of rough sawn cut veneer is about 0.65mm to 0.7mm.

Every veneer factory has its own rough sawn cut knife, so that makes the sawn cut knife marks are very different.

Some have wide knife marks, some have narrow knife mark lines.

Usually, due to the wood density, European white oak is not better than American white oak.

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Flat cut white oak and Rift cut white oak are two common white oak wood veneer sheets.

They are in big demand for oak veneered plywood, oak veneered panels, and oak veneered furniture.

You can get flexible 0.25mm paper thin oak veneer sheets and cross cut end grain oak veneer pieces.

Then, you can find the common 0.45mm and 0.5mm natural oak veneer sheets from any suppliers.

Besides, you can choose 1mm and 2mm thick natural oak veneer sheets for high end veneered plywood and furniture.

Instead, you can choose recon white oak if you do not want to fix the random length and width of the natural oak veneer.