Fully integrated engineered veneer supplier in China


Engineered Veneer

Also, know as reconstituted veneer, recomposed veneer, man-made veneer, artificial veneer, chapas precompuestas
We produce standard 2500x640mm size engineered veneer in thickness 0.2mm to 2.0mm
They also can produce paperback veneer,edgebanding veneer and woven veneer
As an environment-friendly alternative to some of the real wood veneer, engineered wood veneers are innovative and cost-effective
Moreover, you will get the consistency of colors and grains sheet to sheet to matching the surface of your entire project
The species include Oak, Walnut, Ash, Teak, Maple, Cherry, Ebony, Wenge, Elm, Rosewood, Zebrano, Beech, Makore

Oak veneer designs

Oak engineered veneers have the color and grains similar to natural red oak and white oak veneers, some designs of engineered oak veneer have the amazing imagination in wood grains and colors
For example, Red oak, White oak, Black oak, Yellow oak, Pine oak, Grey oak, Blue oak, Green oak, Platinum oak, Silver oak

engineered veneer white oak 9028S

White Oak 9028S

engineered veneer white oak 9028C

White Oak 9028C

engineered veneer yellow oak 9113S

Yellow Oak 9113S

engineered veneer grey oak 9005S

Grey Oak 9005S

engineered veneer red oak 9057C

Red Oak 9057C

Washed Oak 9007S

engineered veneer sliver oak 4001Q

Silver Oak 4001Q

engineered veneer black oak 9008S

Black Oak 9008S

Walnut veneer designs

Walnut engineered veneers have the color and grains similar to natural American black veneer, some designs of engineered walnut veneer have the amazing imagination in wood grains and colors
Such as Europe walnut, Emulational natural walnut, Washed walnut, Ameican walnut

engineered veneer walnut 1098S

Walnut 1098S

Walnut 1002C

engineered veneer walnut 1689C

Walnut 1689C

Qiu Xiang veneer designs

Qiu Xiang engineered wood veneer, also name as washed oak veneer, platinum oak veneer
which has the color and grains similar to gray oak wood veneer
Some designs of engineered Qiu Xiang veneers have the excellent imagination in wood grains and colors

engineered veneer qiuxiang 9009S

Qiu Xiang 9009S

engineered veneer qiuxiang 6780C

Qiu Xiang 6780C

engineered veneer qiuxiang 6792S

Qiu Xiang 6792S

engineered veneer qiuxiang 6801C

Qiu Xiang 6801C

Ash veneer designs

Ash engineered wood veneer has the color and grains similar to natural American ash veneer, European ash veneer, Chinese ash veneer

engineered veneer ash 2896S

Ash 2896S

engineered veneer ash 2134S

Ash 2134S

engineered veneer ash 2113C

Ash 2113C

Teak veneer designs

Engineered teak veneer has the color and grains similar to natural teak wood veneer , Burma teak, Africa teak, Golden teak

engineered veneer teak 8001Q

Golden teak 8001Q

Burma teak 8017S

Teak 8009C

Ebony veneer designs

Ebony engineered wood veneer has the color and grains similar to natural ebony wood veneers, Black&White ebony, Macassar ebony, Amara ebony

engineered veneer ebony 3001S

Ebony 3001S

engineered veneer ebony 3082S

Ebony 3082S

Macassar ebony 3897N

Wenge veneer designs

engineered veneer wenge 501Q

Wenge 501Q

engineered veneer wenge 507Q

Wenge 507Q

engineered veneer wenge 594C

Wenge 594C

Rosewood veneer designs

Rosewood engineered veneer has the color and grains similar to real natural rosewood veneers,some designs of engineered rosewood veneer sheets have the excellent imagination in wood grains and colors
Like Red rosewood,Santos rosewood,Brazilian rosewood,Indian rosewood

Rosewood 7248S

engineered veneer rosewood 7248C

Rosewood 7248C

engineered veneer rosewood 7693C

Rosewood 7693C

engineered veneer rosewood 7008C

Rosewood 7008C

Zebrano veneer designs

engineered veneer zebrano A011S

Zebrawood A011S

engineered veneer zebrano A114S

Zebrawood A114S

Zebrawood A301Q

engineered veneer zebrano A221S

Zebrawood A221S

Cherry & Sapele veneer designs

Cherry 19S

engineered veneer sapele 3Q

Sapele 3Q

engineered veneer sapele 7C

Sapele 7C

Apricot veneer designs

engineered veneer apricot 9003S

Black apricot 9003S

engineered veneer apricot 9003C

Black apricot 9003C

engineered veneer apricot 9980S

Silver apricot 9980S

engineered veneer apricot 9004C

Silver apricot 9004C

Padauk & Bubinga veneer designs

engineered veneer padauk 3001S

Padauk 3001S

engineered veneer padauk 3091C

Padauk 3091C

engineered veneer bubinga 0371S

Bubinga 0371S

engineered veneer bubinga 0366C

Bubinga 0366C

Burl veneer designs

engineered veneer burl wood veneer 085N

Burlwood veneer 8B5N

engineered veneer burl wood veneer 249N

Burlwood veneer 24B9N

engineered veneer burl wood veneer 812N

Burlwood veneer 81B2N

engineered veneer burl wood veneer 918N

Burlwood veneer 91B8N

Exotic veneer designs

engineered veneer rough cut oak veneer

Rough cut oak veneer

engineered veneer exotic design

Dark wave veneer

engineered veneer grey arrow veneer

Grey arrow veneer

engineered veneer white and black

White&Black veneer