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Wood Veneers

Wood veneers are very important in the modern building and decoration material industry. For example, oak and walnut veneers apply in interiors surface decoration for decades. But, they are still the most popular wood veneer species until today.

There are two large sorts of real wood veneers, natural hardwood veneer and reconstituted veneer. Moreover, natural wood veneers are subdivided into many types of veneers according to the veneer specie, veneer thickness, processing, and application.

People like to buy 0.5 mm, 0.55 mm or 0.6 mm thick veneer sheets to apply for interior decoration or woodworking DIY. While massive used in building and construction for doors, wood cabinets, furniture, wallcovering panels, veneering plywood, veneered MDF, etc.

5 Main Types of Wood Veneer

Natural Wood Veneer

Natural wood veneer is obtained from the trunk of a tree, by slicing large wooden blocks, we get the raw wood veneers.
Generally, European and American natural veneer manufacturers produce thick natural veneers.

We can supply not only a thick wood veneer, but also a thin wood veneer. Such as paper thin veneer, 0.5mm standard veneer, rough cut veneer, engineered flooring top layer veneer, exotic wood veneer.
Dyed veneer, smoked veneer and book matched veneer are the processed natural veneers.

The common veneer supplies include Ash veneer, Teak veneer, Maple veneer, Cherry veneer, Ebony veneer, Rosewood veneer, Sapele veneer, Anigre veneer, Eucalyptus veneer, Bamboo veneer, etc.

Engineered Veneer

We use rotary cut raw natural veneer Basswood, Obeche (Ayous), or Poplar to make dyed veneers, then laminated veneers to form a wood block.
By slicing the man made veneer wood blocks, we get the engineered veneer finally, it is also known as reconstituted veneer.

More than 10 types of manufacturing processes, engineered wood veneer replicates the natural wood species or create the look of exotic and rare wood species, but it is free from natural veneers` defects.

The main features of the engineered veneer are they are available in large quantities for consistent color and grain from sheet to sheet.
But, natural veneers have no consistency of color and grain for large projects.
When it comes to expensive wood, like walnut, rosewood, ebony, teak, the reconstituted veneer is likely less expensive than natural wood veneers.

engineered veneers
fleece backed veneer

Backed Veneer

Paper and fleece (non woven fabric) backed veneers are the most common types of backing wood veneers.
Top quality veneer sheets bonded to a paper or fleece backing. The backing is applied to keep the intactness of many individual wood veneer sheets.

We can work with standard common 0.5mm to 0.6mm thickness veneer sheets to glue veneers together side by side.
Besides, we can work 0.1mm to 0.2mm (10 Mil ) paper thin veneers to make up the full width of 600mm, 620mm, 1220mm (2 ft, 4 ft) sheets.

10 mil paper backed veneer is the best for most woodworking projects. But the bubbling is a big problem if the veneer is improperly bonded to the substrate.
Certainly, fleece-backed veneer is the best for curved projects, such as door frames, picture frames, profile, skirting and edgebanding.

Veneer Rolls

Veneer rolls are our veneer edge banding and profile wrapping veneer.
In conclusion, all the above are finger joint wood veneers. But 15mm to 60mm width rolls are applied to edge banding, 60mm to 300mm width rolls for profile wrapping.

You can get natural veneer edge banding, reconstituted veneer edge banding, natural veneer profile wrapping, reconstituted profile wrapping veneer.
Furthermore, UV pre-finished veneers also are available for edge banding veneer and profile wrapping veneer.

The massive production wood species are American wood ( like White oak, Red oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple), Africa wood ( like Sapele, Bubinga, Zebrano, Anigre, Okoume), and Ebony, Teak from Asia.

veneer rolls
specialty veneer

Specialty & Rare Veneer

Generally, we supply 3 main types of specialty & rare veneer. woven veneer, burl veneer, and veneer layons.
For the woven veneer, it is 100% handmade wood veneer sheets. By weaving veneer strips to create a design pattern.

As for burl veneer, not only small pieces common thick burl veneers are available, but also ultra thin burl veneers matched large sheet supply here.
The main species we have Mappa burl, Walnut burl, Golden burl, Gold Nanmu burl, Camphor burl, Fir burl, etc.

As regards veneer layons, they are fleece/paper backed matching veneer sheets. According to the joinery or furniture designs, we match the wood veneer sheets or patch to standard panel and door size sheets. Also you will get our cut-to-size service with a variety of sizes and shapes.

Nowadays, new types of wood veneers design appear year after year in the international veneer markets. So that buyer will have more great options.

Apart from this, many stainless steel sheets and aluminum sheets create the look of exotic and rare wood species. Even some manufacturers laminated aluminum sheets with wood veneer sheets together.

But there are still many problems happen when people choose or apply wood veneer. For example, wood veneer quality grade, it is the most important when you buy wood veneers in a big quantity. As far as I know, many buyer and seller have their own standard of veneer quality grade. So some professional wood veneer buyers visit China to see the supplier`s natural veneer stock and discuss the prices face to face.

Last but not least, almost all wood veneers need to put on plywood, MDF, particleboard. To produce wood door, cabinet, furniture or wallcovering. The stability and smooth of substrate is very important to avoiding veneering problems.


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