wood veneer rolls

Wood Veneer Rolls

Wood veneer rolls are finger joint real wood veneer strips. By finger jointing veneer strips, we get infinite length veneer rolls. In thickness 0.25mm to 0.8mm as standard.

All the jointed veneers with fleece-backed support. This makes coiled wood veneers flexible and durable. Then we make the customized width wood veneer rolls by slitting cut.

In the manufacture of veneer door, veneer furniture, skirting, and mouldings. Wood veneer roll makes all surface decoration with the look and feels of solid wood. But at less expensive prices than solid wood panels.

Not only architraves and cornices but also laminate aluminum panels and tubes. They use a variety of wood veneer rolls for interior fit-out and joinery jobs.

2 Main Types of Wood Veneer Roll

Veneer Edge Banding

Veneer edge banding is width 15mm to 60mm veneer rolls.

In the application of plywood, MDF, particleboard, and other base substrates for furniture and cabinet. Edge banding veneer is used to cover the sides of the plywood and other veneered panels. To give a solid wood look for entire joinery projects.

The standard thickness of veneer edge banding is 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, and 0.8mm. But we can produce 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm thickness edgebanding veneer.

Compared with vinyl/PVC edgebanding, you can choose a variety of natural wood veneer, reconstituted veneer, dyed veneer, etc

We can provide UV pre-finished painting and stain process service. For all edge banding veneer rolls and width less 26cm wrapping veneers.

Profile Wrapping Veneer

Profile wrapping veneer is the width 60mm to 300mm wood veneer roll.

All the wrapping veneer rolls are used to wrapping on the substrate of MDF and Plywood. Then make wrapped mouldings, skirting, door frames.

For most interior fit out and joinery company. They use veneer wrapped mouldings at a competitive price. In the manufacturers of veneer door and veneer furniture. The designs of the woodgrain finish are more popular.

Even laminated with aluminum sheets or tubes. Wood veneer overlaid aluminum panels are more popular in interior fit-out now.

20 Types of Coiled Veneer Wood Products

Reconstituted Veneer Rolls

Common Natural Veneer Rolls

Dyed Veneer Rolls

White Wood Veneer Rolls

Red Oak Veneer Roll

White Oak Veneer Roll

Walnut Veneer Rolls

Bamboo Veneer Roll

Cross Grain Veneer Rolls

Rough Sawn Veneer Rolls

Burl Veneer Rolls

UV Pre-finished Veneer Rolls

Grey Wrapping Veneer Rolls

Okoume Veneer Roll

Grey Oak Veneer Roll

End Grain Veneer Roll

Smoked Oak Veneer Roll

Sapele Veneer Rolls

Engineered Veneer Roll

Maple Veneer Roll

Wood veneer rolls are from the most same color wood veneers. Then be used as edge banding veneer rolls and profile wrapping veneer rolls.

More than 20 years of experience in veneer edge banding and wrapping production. We see the Chinese veneer rolls market growing up year after year.

From beech veneer rolls to Sapele veneer rolls, from maple veneer rolls to birch veneer rolls. Nowadays, the most popular are oak veneer rolls and walnut veneer rolls in the market. And the new trend is UV pre-finished painting wood veneer roll here.

If you buy wood veneer roll for plywood edge banding, wrapping profile and mouldings for door and furniture. You should visit us in China. Then you will see many types of wood veneers roll here.

In the applying of plywood edgebanding, profile wrapping processing. The stability and smooth of the substrate panels are very important in avoiding veneering problems.


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Why Choose Our Coiled Wood Veneers

  • Over 20 years of experience in veneers roll business in China.

  • Over 120 wood veneer door and veneer furniture factories use our fleece backed veneer roll.  For high-end mouldings, door frames, veneer door, furniture, cabinets, and wall background covering.

  • Standard 0.4mm, 0.5mm thick veneers, and 0.25mm paper-thin wood veneer both available in our supplies.

  • One-stop shopping wood veneer supplier, provide good quality wood veneers with competitive prices. You can buy more than 15 types of wood veneers. Like natural veneer, reconstituted veneer, dyed veneer, bamboo veneer, rough cut veneer, matching veneer, geometric veneer sheet, etc.

  • Competitive rate shipping of wood veneer by sea, by air, by FedEx/DHL/TNT.

  • The most professional edgebanding and wrapping veneer rolls manufacturer in China.

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