black wood veneer

Black Wood Veneer

Black wood veneer is a dark color natural veneer or engineered veneer sheet.

For black natural veneer, there are American black walnut veneer, black walnut burl veneer, ebony veneer, and wenge veneer. Those are the main types of black natural wood veneers.

For black dyed veneer, you can choose dyed black ash veneer, dyed black oak veneer, dyed black pearl veneer, dyed black basswood veneer, and dyed black koto veneer. Those are the main types of dyed black wood veneer.

In the case of black engineered veneer, there are so many wood grains and colors. You can choose fine line black wood grain veneer, black washed wood veneer, and exotic designs black recon veneer.

All above elegant black veneer wood is applied in the high-end black kitchen, black furniture panels, and black wood door manufacturers.

6 Main Types of Black Wood Veneer Sheets and Rolls

Black Engineered Veneer

Black engineered veneer is your first option if you want a black veneer sheet.

Why you should choose the black engineered veneer?

Because you can get a full sheet back veneer in 2x8ft or 4x8ft panel size. Furthermore, paper thin 0.2mm to standard 0.5mm, even 2.0mm thick veneer sheets all available.

Secondly, almost all the common and exotic wood grain can be black stains. Such as black ash veneer, black oak veneer, black zebra wood veneer, black walnut veneer, black wenge veneer, and black washed apricot veneer. And exotic black ice tree veneer, black recon ebony veneer, black cat`s eye veneer, and black burl veneer.

If you think thick black veneer sheets are expensive. Then you should consider ultra-thin fleece-backed black veneer or paper-backed black veneer.

Black Dyed Veneer

Black dyed veneer is the natural wood veneer dyed into black colors.

There are 5 types of natural wood species that are popular for black dyed veneers.

In the dyed veneer supplies, dyed black ash veneer and dyed black oak veneer are the most common types. Besides, dyed black basswood veneer, dyed black pearl veneer, and dyed black koto veneer are also in demand.

The black dyed veneer thickness can be 0.25mm or 0.45mm as standard in China dyed veneer markets.

As the elegant black veneer wood. Black dyed veneer is well accepted in international high-end furniture and interior decoration.

Not only black dyed veneer sheets but black dyed veneer rolls are also available here.

Black Walnut Veneer

American black walnut is one of the most popular wood species worldwide.

And black walnut veneer is the popular dark color natural wood veneer.

You can see much good quality black veneered furniture and wood doors with black walnut wood grains. Even in some wall background, you will see the black walnut veneers gives a beautiful warm feeling.

No matter walnut veneer sheet or walnut veneer edge banding, they are easy to find from your local wood veneer suppliers. For veneered panels manufacturers, they like to buy book-matched walnut veneer sheets in custom size.

Furthermore, the black walnut burl is also a famous exotic black burl veneer. 0.15mm black walnut burl wood veneer and 0.5mm thick walnut burl veneer are common.

Black Brown Wood Veneer

Usually, smoked fume wood veneer is the most common type of black brown wood veneer.

For smoked natural veneers, you can choose smoked oak veneer or smoked eucalyptus veneer.

With regard to smoked oak veneer, you can choose American white oak or European oak as raw materials. We supply not only 0.5mm standard smoked fume wood veneer but also 0.25mm paper thin smoked wood veneer.

What you should know, however, the engineered veneer can be also a black brown wood veneer. And smoked engineered veneer with a standard sheet size of 2500x640mm or matched 2500x1260mm panels size.

For black brown engineered veneer, you can order ultra thin 0.18mm veneer sheet. And you can also get 1mm or 2mm super thick veneer sheets.

Ebony Veneer

Ebony veneer is an exotic black wood veneer, but with very expensive prices.

There are two types of natural ebony wood veneer, one is ebony Macassar veneer, another is Amara ebony veneer.

In China, ebony Macassar veneer is known as ebony A, Amara ebony veneer is known as ebony B.

As you may know, black ebony wood veneer is much expensive. So that we do not suggest using a common thick ebony wood veneer.

At the same time, you can think about ultra thin ebony wood veneer. The paper thin ebony veneer can be 0.15mm to 0.2mm with fleece backed to kraft paper backing.

In fact, the reconstituted ebony veneer is also a great option to have a large sheet with any thickness you want.

But most importantly, the reconstituted ebony wood veneer has a very competitive price.

Black Wood Veneer Roll

There are two main applications of black wood veneer roll.

One is black veneer edge banding, another is black veneer wrapping.

All the black walnut veneer, black ebony wood veneer, black walnut burl veneer, or black dyed veneer can be made into veneer rolls with fleece backed.

If you want the pure black stained wood veneer rolls, you can choose black UV pre-finished veneer rolls.

All the black veneer edging can be used for furniture panels, kitchen, cabinet manufacturers.

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As the elegant black veneer wood, black walnut veneer and black dyed veneer are two main types of black veneer sheets.

For some high end furniture designs and interior decoration, an ebony wood veneer is a great option.

We have some clients, who are carpentry companies in Mexico, the Philippines, Qatar, Thailand, and Canada. They like to use reconstituted black wood veneer for the joinery works.

Some of my Mexico and Philippines clients are hotel contractors. They are in the business of hotel construction and remodeling.

They use our reconstituted walnut veneer and dyed black veneer sheets. For the renovation of hotel furniture, wardrobe, and wood doors.


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Why Choose Our Black Wood Veneer

  • Over 15 years of experience in the sliced natural veneer and reconstituted veneer.

  • Over 120 wood veneer doors and veneer furniture factories. They buy black veneer sheets or rolls from us. For high-end veneer door, furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, and wall background covering.

  • 0.2mm to 0.25mm paper thin wood veneer, and standard 0.4mm to 0.5mm thick black veneer all available from our supplies.

  • One-stop shopping wood veneers supplier from China. Providing you good quality dark veneer sheets and rolls at competitive prices. Especially, ebony veneer, black walnut veneer, black ash veneer, smoked fume black brown veneer sheets and rolls.

  • Competitive rate shipping of black wood grain veneer by sea, by air, by FedEx/DHL/TNT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.  What is black wood veneer?
A1.  Most are not pure black veneers. They are the dark color natural wood veneer, black dyed wood veneer. And black reconstituted veneer.

Q2.  How many types of black veneer wood?
A2.  There are 3 main types of wood veneer can be black or dark color. Such as natural black walnut veneer, black ebony wood veneer. Black dyed wood veneer and black recon veneer.

Q3.  How thick/thin should the black veneer sheet be?
A3.  We provide standard thickness 0.4mm and 0.5mm. According to the different applications and clients’ request details. We supply 0.2mm to 0.3mm paper thin black veneer sheets or rolls.

Q4.  What is the black veneer sheet specification?
A4.  Ideally, the length and width of the black wood sheet can be customized to any size. But the common size is the length in 2500mm and up, width in 100mm and up for natural wood veneers.  For the black reconstituted veneer, the standard sheet size is 2500x640mm, and we can joint two sheets to 4×8 ft sheet.

Q5.  How to select the black veneer wood?
A5.  Usually, to save the total costs, veneered furniture factories use 0.15mm to 0.2mm thin black veneers to face plywood/MDF. Some high end veneered furniture will choose 0.4mm to 0.5mm wood veneer for facing. We suggest black reconstituted veneers if your clients do not specify natural veneers.

Q6.  Can burl wood veneer be black?
A6.  You can choose the black walnut burl veneer or dyed black burl veneers.

Q7.  Where to buy black veneer sheets or rolls?
A7.  Usually, you can find it from the common veneer suppliers locally. Some famous wood veneer suppliers are located in the USA and Europe. However, you can consider buying it from China.