Have you ever heard about engineered veneer,recon veneer,composite veneer,artificial veneer or man made wood veneer ? All those are the variant names of reconstituted veneer.

1, What is the reconstituted veneer ?

reconstituted veneer

At the beginning of this article,let me introduce it.

It is about 40 years ago,an Italian wood products company developed a much complicated process to use Poplar and Obeche(Ayous) wood species to manufacture a kind of dyed veneers products.

At first,the logs are rotary cut to thin veneer sheets,then bleached and dyed to the desired color.With the glue and press machine,the dyed veneer sheets form a big wood block.Among the above steps,the mold,slicing method and the combination of dyed veneer layers will decide the grains.
Finally,the large size reconstituted veneer sheets are sliced from this big wood block.

2, Reconstituted veneer in China

Since about 1990, Vicwood tried to produce the reconstituted veneers first in China.
They name it engineered wood and sell them to almost all the famous wood door and furniture industry cities. Because of the attractive price and consistent colors and grains,the engineered wood become more popular day after day.

reconstituted veneer in China

Over the years,many wood companies tried to produce the engineered wood veneers in Shandong,Guangdong,Jiangsu and Zhejiang. But,because of the flow of technical backbone,some manufacturers have a thriving business,and some comedown over a period of time.
Until now,there are totally about 10 manufacturers in China,some focus on the top quality,some focus on the cheap quality,and some are good at Ayous and Basswood species,some are good at Poplar species.

3, The advantage of reconstituted veneer

3.1 Attractive price

20-50% of the cost compared to the natural veneers.I think this is the biggest advantage compared to other wood veneers.All the clients love this price, because it will save them much more money and time compared to work with natural veneers.

3.2 Larger sheet size

Max Length 3400mm,Max Width 1260mm,Max Thickness 3.0mm.
You can image how simply to use it compared to the narrow real natural veneers.

Larger sheet size reconstituted veneer

3.3 Environmentally friendly

Over the years,the R&D input on the environment-friendly glue and stain give us a amazing results. That the best grade of recon veneers can reach E0.

3.4 Consistent linear wood grain

As we all know, there too much variation in the natural wood veneers. So you can not get the consistent linear grains from them. But the reconstituted veneers are good at the consistent wood grains and colors.

Consistent linear wood grain

3.5 Available in a variety of colors and grains

There are abundant of wood species available for recon veneers,like oak,ash,walnut,teak,zebrawood,ebony,rosewood,cherry,maple,wenge,sapele,mohogany,cat`s eye,bird`s eye,lacewood,etc

colors and grains

3.6 Efficient utilization of timber resources

By using fast growing wood species,like Poplar,Ayous,we can create the look of almost any exotic veneers such as Ebony,Rosewood and Burl series to saving a large numbers of forests for future generations.

3.7 Higher density (Saving painting)

This advantage is from the feedback of our clients.
Due to our high density wood block,so our finished veneers are much more smooth than the cheaper one. So that our clients can save more painting by using our reconstituted veneer.

reconstituted veneer panels