rustic oak veneer

Rustic Oak Veneer

Rustic oak veneer is the natural knotty oak veneer sheet.

It can be natural American white oak or European oak veneer.

Usually, knotty American white oak is popular than knotty European oak veneer.

Because rustic white oak has more big dead knot and live knot, which make rustic furniture looks more natural.

For sure, you can get thickness in 0.5mm, 1mm, and 2mm as standard stocks from China.

If you want to give your interior and furniture a rustic look, the knotty white oak veneer is the best option.

The most important is that rustic oak has a competitive price.

3 Main Types of Rustic Oak Sheets

rustic white oak veneer

Rustic White Oak Veneer

Rustic American white oak veneer is the first option if you want knotty oak veneers.

Why do we suggest rustic white oak veneer?

First, there are big quantities of wood logs for veneer slice cutting. It will meet your big projects demand.

Second, there are different thickness stocks in 0.5mm, 1mm, and 2mm thick.

The last, but the most important is the price. Knotty white oak veneer sheets have the most competitive prices.

Needless to say, the prices are depended on the quality grade. You have to tell suppliers which style of knots you like.

Rustic European Oak Veneer

Rustic European oak veneer is another type of knotty oak wood veneer.

It has fewer big dead knots if compare with American white oak wood.

In this regard, there are fewer quantities applied in the rustic furniture manufacturer.

But, if you want more live knots oak veneer, rustic European oak is a better option.

Knotty European oak veneer has no big black open dead knots.

We keep fewer stocks of 0.5mm knotty European oak veneer for special woodworking jobs.

rustic European oak veneer
matched knotty oak veneer sheets

Matched Rustic Oak Sheets

If you want to full panel knotty oak veneer sheets to paste on the substrate boards.

Needless to say, an edge spliced rustic oak sheet is the best choice.

It will save you more times and workers to cut and joint raw veneer sheets.

This way, you can paste it on the plywood, MDF, or chipboard directly.

At the same time, you also can choose to make fleece backed to keep matched veneer sheets flexible and durable.

We also provide customized pattern matching services, so that you can use them for table top or any other furniture parts.

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Interior Knotty Oak Design

In antique furniture production, rustic knotty oak veneer gives the best display.

Knotty oak also plays an important part in the engineered flooring industrial.

In general, rustic white oak has the best antique knot appearance.

At the same time, there are many stocks for 0.5mm, 1mm, and 2mm thickness of knotty white oak veneer sheets.

If you are going to buy rustic oak from China, knotty white oak is your first choice.

But most importantly, you can get very competitive prices from Chinese wood veneer manufacturers.