specialty and exotic veneers

Specialty and Exotic Veneers

Specialty and exotic veneers are the processed wood veneer sheets or pieces.

To create a unique pattern and visual effects. The designer wants some joinery products to have special wood grains.
So we select wood veneers, cut veneer sheets to pieces, then splice joint veneers as designs.

We choose 0.25mm to 0.4mm thickness natural wood veneer and reconstituted veneer. Sometimes, we have to use exotic wood veneers for special veneer leaf matching designs.

Veneer wood weave sheets and marquetry inlay veneers are 100% handmade designer veneers.  Matched veneer layons are the best options of specialty architectural veneer. For wood door faces, wall covering, and other interior joinery products.

We supply not only the rare and exotic wood veneers but also special matching wood veneers.

5 Main Types of Specialty and Exotic Veneers

woven veneer specialty

Woven Veneer

Woven veneer is a handmade veneer wood weave sheet.

We select the good quality natural wood veneers and reconstituted veneer first.
Then cut them to 15mm to 80mm width veneer strips.
After that, we weave veneer strips to designer patterns.
At last, make fleece back support to keep weaving veneer sheets durable and flexible in application.

We do not keep stocks of the woven veneer. All the materials, thickness, strips, sheet size can be custom.
The most popular designs are woven bamboo veneer, woven walnut veneer, and maple woven veneer for wall panels.

Wood Veneer Layons

Wood veneer layons are custom splicing matched wood veneers sheets. Matching veneer leaf according to design patterns.

To meet the requirements of architects and designers, we supply a variety of veneer sizes and shapes.  Such as standard panel size veneer layons, door size veneer layons, furniture wood veneer layons, and special veneer layons for wall background.

Horizontal and Vertical veneer matching layon is very popular for the door faces in Cebu, Philippines.
But the most popular is slip matching oak wood veneer layon. That will be easy when pressing onto the special joinery products.

The specialty and exotic veneers layons prices are much expensive than standard sequence matching veneers.

specialty wood veneer layons
specialty burl veneer

Burl Veneer

Not only common size 0.5mm thickness burl veneers but also panels size paperback burl veneer sheets are available.
We supply black walnut burl veneers, poplar burl veneer, golden burl veneer, camphor burl veneer, etc

0.12mm thickness is our most thin slicing burl veneer, without any backing support. We use them to matching and glue on 10 MIL thickness kraft paper. You also can make thin fleece backed veneer.

For the exotic golden nanmu burl veneers, high-end cabinet and furniture companies like to use it as face covering.

As one of the most professional burls veneer suppliers in China. We keep stocks of paperback Walnut burl veneer, Mappa burl veneer, Nanmu burl veneer, Camphor burl veneer sheets, etc.

Geometric Veneer

Geometric veneer is a kind of designer wood veneer sheet. It is also known as mosaic wood veneers or 3D wood veneers.
Selecting good quality wood blocks, cutting them to geometric blocks, then glue them to forming a big wood plank according to the design patterns.
Then slicing thin veneer sheets are the specialty geometric wood veneers.

The standard geometric wood veneer sheet size is 2500mm length with width 430mm. But some special pine end grain veneer designs only can make 1 meter length.

Most of the geometric wood veneers apply for wood door face and special interior wall covering.

You can choose to make fleece back geometric veneer or paper backed geometric wood veneer to make backed veneer sheets flexible and durable.

specialty geometric veneer
specialty marquetry inlay veneer

Marquetry Inlay Veneer

Marquetry inlay veneer is our special wood veneer layon. They are not a common splicing veneers sheet. There will be some special wood veneer inlays on marquetry veneer sheets.

Mostly, we supply marquetry veneer inlays according to designs. You can choose natural wood veneers and reconstituted veneers as materials. We can also provide dyed veneer, smoked veneer, and exotic burl veneers to matching pattern designs.

Recently, most people apply wood marquetry inlay veneer in engineered wood flooring face covering. In the past, wood marquetry inlay is popular in interior veneer doors.

As the art of pieces of wood, most are custom marquetry designs.

The above 5 main types of specialty and exotic veneers are the most popular woodworking veneer.

To keep the finished wood veneer sheets flexible and durable, we always suggest to make fleece back or paperback support.

Our woven wood veneer is very popular in American and Canadian markets. Walnut, Maple, and Teak are the most popular wood species for woven veneers.

We are the biggest paperback burl veneer supplier in China. We keep 5 types in stocks all years.

Recently, we are going to test making wood veneers faced on an aluminum sheet, and with fireproof characteristics. This will be the latest special wood veneer products.

Almost all wood veneers need to put on plywood, MDF, particleboard. To produce wood door, cabinet, furniture, or wallcovering. The stability and smooth of the substrate are very important in avoiding veneering problems.


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Why Choose Our Specialty and Exotic Veneers

  • Not only standard 0.5mm, 0.6mm thick exotic veneers you can buy, but also paper thin special veneers you can find here.

  • One-stop shopping wood veneer supplier, provide good quality with competitive prices. You can find more than 15 types of wood veneer, like natural veneer, recon veneer, rough cut veneer, wood veneer layons, etc.

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  • Over 20 years of experience in veneers wood business in China.

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