smoked oak veneer

Smoked Oak Veneer

Smoked oak veneer is also known as fumed oak veneer.

The smoking process turns the natural oak veneer color to caramel color, brown color, or dark color.

We choose good quality American oak veneer and European oak veneer to make the smoked veneer.

The standard thickness is 0.25mm and 0.45mm that we keep in stocks.

In this regard, 0.25mm fleece back smoked veneer is durable and flexible for wrapping or bending.

Needless to say, smoked veneers are becoming more popular among architects and designers.

Because smoked veneer has a rich dark color, which gives a classic quality and colors for the furniture, wardrobe, cabinet, even wall coverings.

3 Main Types of Smoked Oak Veneer Sheets

smoked white oak veneer

Smoked White Oak Veneer

Smoked white oak veneer is known as fumed white oak veneer.

It is the most popular fumed oak veneer.

We keep stocks of thickness 0.25mm and 0.5mm smoked oak veneer as standard here.

You can choose 0.25mm fleece back fumed oak veneer with good flexibility and durability.

The white oak veneer is original from American with good density and oak wood grains.

You can get rift cut white oak veneer and flat cut crown grain white oak veneer with fumed colors.

Usually, you can get 4 different colors. They are light caramel color, brown color, dark black color, and gradient fumed color.

Smoked European Oak Veneer

In fact, European oak veneer is European white oak veneer.

But in the Chinese wood market, most European oak wood is from France and Serbia.

Most European oak veneer has a rustic quality and discoloration.

Fortunately, after the smoking process, the above natural defects will not be the problem.

That way, smoked European oak veneer gives a wide texture of grains.

You can get our standard stocks of 0.25mm and 0.5mm thickness smoked European oak veneer sheets.

Besides, we also provide European oak veneer rolls as veneer edge banding or wrapping veneer for profiles.

smoked European oak veneer
smoked reconstituted oak veneer

Smoked Reconstituted Oak Veneer

Smoked reconstituted oak veneer is a better option if you want full panel size and uniform color grains.

Moreover, reconstituted smoked veneer has competitive prices compare to smoked natural veneer.

The standard sheet is 2500mm x 640mm, with thickness from 0.25mm to 2mm.

For sure, we can splice the smoked veneers to 4x8ft or other customized panel sizes.

Needless to say, they are also can make joint to veneer rolls.

At the same time, you can get the prefinished reconstituted veneer sheets to save more costs.

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For most joinery works and interior fit-out projects, people like to use real fumed oak veneers.

Real oak veneer sheets keep the natural wood grains, which give a classic woodworking appearance.

In most cases, people like to buy fumed white oak veneer, which has a fine and smooth surface quality.

But, some furniture or wall covering projects like to use wide grains of smoked veneer.

So that they choose to buy smoked European oak veneer.