oak veneer

Oak Veneer

Oak veneer is the most popular decorative wood species in architectural woodworking projects.

For example, you can choose American white oak, red oak, or European oak veneer sheets or rolls.

Those are the 3 main types of natural oak wood in the wood veneers market.

Moreover, not only natural oak wood veneer but also reconstituted oak is available. And you can also choose dozens of different colors and grains of reconstituted oak.

In some joinery and interior fit-out works, the designer likes to use some special oak wood veneers. Such as dyed oak veneer, rough sawn cut oak sheets, smoked oak, and cross cut end grain oak.

In furniture and door production, some manufacturers like to use matched oak layons or fleece backed thin oak sheets.

4 Main Types of Oak Veneer Sheets and Rolls

reconstituted oak veneer

Reconstituted Oak Veneer

Why you should choose the reconstituted oak veneer?

Because you can get a full sheet veneer in 2×8 ft or 4×8 ft panel size, with consistent color and grain from sheet to sheet.

And you can also choose dozens of different colors and grains. Such as grey oak, white oak, red oak, silver fineline oak, yellow oak, black oak, smoked oak, and washed platinum oak.

At the same time, you can choose any thickness you want.  For example, paper thin 0.2mm with fleece backed veneer, 0.3mm, standard 0.4mm and 0.5mm thickness recon oak. Even some extra thick veneer in 1mm or 2mm also is available.

When it comes to wood grains, you will have more options. For example, straight fineline oak grain, quarter oak grain, rift cut oak grain, flamed (crown/flat cut) oak grain, planked (half crown) oak grain, wavy oak grain, and other special grain designs.

Natural Oak Veneer

Natural oak wood veneer is the best-selling natural wood veneer in the world.

No matter natural oak wood sheets, veneer rolls, or matched oak layons, oak wood is in huge demand.

American white oak, Red oak, and European oak are the 3 main types of common oak wood species.

For special thickness, you can choose 0.25mm fleece backed oak sheets, paper backed oak sheets, 1.0mm and 2.0mm thick oak sheets.

When it comes to cut grains, there are quarter cut straight line, rift cut oak, flat cut crown grain oak, rough sawn cut oak sheets, and cross cut end grain oak round pieces.

Sure, there are many options for dyed oak veneer, fumed dark brown color oak sheets.

natural oak veneer
oak veneer rolls

Oak Veneer Rolls

There are two main applications of oak wood veneer rolls.

One is veneer edge banding in width from 15mm to 60mm, another is wrapping veneer in width from 60mm to 300mm. Besides, you can get extra width of 620mm wood veneer rolls.

Of course, you can choose to use either natural oak or reconstituted oak for raw materials of rolls.

When it comes to oak edge banding, we provide UV prefinished coating service. That means you can get UV clear lacquer oak edge banding and stained color oak edge banding.

For profile wrapping, we suggest 0.25mm thickness oak wrapping veneer rolls. Because the thin veneer is flexible and durable with fleece backed.

Matched Oak Veneer

There are 7 main types of matched methods to splice oak wood veneer panel sheets.

Book matched and Slip matched oak are the two most popular matching veneer methods in furniture, door, and wall covering application.

Sure, Cross grain oak layons are becoming more and more popular in interior door designs.

The rest are random matched oak, diamond matched oak, reverse matched oak panel sheets.

You can choose to use American white oak, red oak, European oak, smoked oak, dyed oak, grey oak, or rustic knotty oak.

Matched oak panel sheets are easy to press on the plywood or MDF.

So that will save more your money and times to produce veneered door and furniture.

matched oak veneer

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If you want to buy natural oak wood veneer at competitive prices. You should think about reconstituted oak.

There are many options of recon oak color and grain to meet your projects.

For example, the best selling 0.2mm fleece backed recon oak, 0.5mm rift cut white oak, and flamed white oak.

In fact, many clients like natural oak wood veneers. So you can consider buying 0.25mm thin oak sheets or standard 0.4mm common oak veneer sheets from China.

Unfortunately, China natural veneer suppliers are not good at 0.5mm to 0.55mm thick real natural oak sheets. You should consider buying it from American suppliers or European veneer companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.  What is oak wood veneer?
A1.  Oak wood veneer is 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, and 2.0mm thick oak wood sheets, which made of oak trees, most are from American and Europe.

Q2.  How many types of oak wood?
A2.  There are 3 main types of oak wood in the natural veneers markets. They are American white oak, American red oak, and European oak.

Q3.  How thick/thin should the oak veneer sheets be?
A3.  We provide standard thickness 0.4mm and 0.5mm. According to the different applications and clients’ request details. We supply 0.2mm to 0.3mm paper thin black veneer sheets or rolls, and extra 1mm, 2mm thick oak sheets.

Q4.  What is the oak wood sheet specification?
A4.  The common size is the length in 2500mm and up, width in 100mm and up for natural oak sheets.  For the oak reconstituted veneer, the standard sheet size is 2500x640mm, and we can joint two sheets to 4×8 ft sheet.

Q5.  How to select backed oak wood veneer sheets?
A5.  Usually, you can choose fleece backed oak sheets or paper backed oak. If you are not good at pressing paper backed wood veneer, you can choose fleece backed oak sheet. They are durable and flexible, without peeling or bubbling problems.

Q6.  How to get black or dark oak?
A6.  You can choose fumed oak with dark brown color, or dyed oak with desired colors. Instead, reconstituted oak is the best alternative option.

Q7.  Where to buy oak veneer sheets or rolls?
A7.  Usually, you can find it from the common veneer suppliers locally. Some famous wood veneer suppliers are located in the USA and Europe. However, you can consider buying it from China.