wrapping veneer

Wrapping Veneer

Wrapping veneer is the wood veneer roll for the profile wrapping process.

The raw wood veneer can be the natural real veneer or reconstituted veneer. Both of them can make UV prefinished veneer rolls for wrapping profile.

The width of wood veneer rolls is from 60mm to 300mm as standard. Besides, you can get the largest width of 640mm from us.

The thickness of wood veneer rolls is available from 0.2mm to 0.5mm with fleece backed.

If you are the manufacturers of the door frame, interior wall panels, picture frame, or molding profiles. This is the right place to find your desired wood veneer rolls.

You can choose the common wood species, red oak, white oak, American walnut, maple, mahogany. Moreover, dyed veneer rolls, smoked veneer rolls, burl veneer rolls, and bamboo veneer rolls are available for molding profile wrapping.

3 Main Types of Profile Wrapping Veneer

Natural Veneer Rolls For Profile Wrapping

As its name implies, natural veneer rolls are made of natural wood veneer.

Natural veneer rolls keep the original color and grain of the real wood. But different logs have the vary color and grain. In other words, every bundle of natural veneer sheets is different in color and grains.

Fortunately, you can choose dyed veneer rolls to keep the uniform colors for the whole project.

For profile wrapping, people like paper thin wood veneer to have a better flexible bend. For example, 0.2mm to 0.25mm fleece backed veneer rolls.

The best sellings are white oak veneer rolls, red oak veneer rolls, and American walnut veneer rolls.

Reconstituted Veneer Rolls For Profile Wrapping

Why use reconstituted veneer rolls for the profiles wrapping process?

Because the reconstituted veneer has the consistency of colors and grains sheet to sheet. So that recon veneer rolls have the uniform color and grains for any quantities.

Moreover, the reconstituted veneer standard sheet length is 2.5 meters. So the distance between finger joints can be at least 2.4 meters long.

That makes the door frame profiles and wall panels wrapping with fewer finger joints.

But most importantly, recon veneers have competitive prices for some exotic wood veneer wrapping purposes.

For example, teak veneer rolls, rosewood veneer rolls, ebony veneer rolls, and grey oak veneer rolls.

UV Prefinished Veneer For Profile Wrapping

Do you want to save the UV coating process and improve productivity?

UV prefinished wood veneer is your best option for frame wrapping, architrave wrapping, and door frame profile wrapping.

In this regard, we supply UV prefinished veneer rolls for the wrapping molding profiles process.

You can choose a clear UV lacquer coating to keep the real natural veneer color and grains. Besides, custom stain coating is available.

In this instance, UV prime coating gives excellent surface characteristics and durability. And UV prefinished wrapping veneer rolls are resistant to heat and scratching.

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For wood veneer door production, people like to buy thin veneer rolls for the door frame, architrave, and door casing/trim.

0.2mm to 0.25mm thin wood veneer rolls are the best options for the above application.

Not only save your total costs but also have a flexible and durable wood veneer roll.

In the production of kitchen cabinets and wall panels, 0.25mm super-thin veneer rolls and 0.5mm thick veneer rolls both are available.

Generally, people like to buy natural veneer rolls to keep the real wood grains. For example, white oak veneer rolls, dark walnut veneer rolls, and Mahogany veneer rolls.

But reconstituted veneer rolls are also very popular for interior decoration. Such as grey oak veneer rolls, dyed veneer rolls, and white veneer rolls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.  What is wrapping veneer?
A1.  When you make doors and intend to wrap the architrave and frame, you need the wood veneer rolls to wrap the frame and profile by a wrapping machine. Those wood veneer rolls are the profile wrapping veneers.

Q2.  How many types of veneer rolls for wrapping profile?
A2.  There are 3 main types of veneer rolls, natural veneer rolls, reconstituted veneer rolls, and UV prefinished veneer rolls.

Q3.  How thick/thin should the wood veneer rolls be?
A3.  We supply standard thickness 0.2mm to 0.25mm veneer rolls for wrapping architrave and frame. The paper thin wood veneer rolls will be flexible and durable for the hot melt wrapping process.

Q4.  What is the wood veneer roll width?
A4.  Usually, we produce 60mm to 300mm wide veneer rolls for profile wrapping. Besides, the max 640mm wide is also available here.

Q5.  Which wrapping machine is best?
A5.  Usually, you can choose PUR hot melt wrapping machine for mass production. Because PUR hot melt wrapping has a strong bond, and that will not remelt.