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Chuanxin Decor Material Co.,Ltd

C&D Materials Limited is a fully integrated decorative wood products supplier. We offer a bespoke service supplying the decorative wood products,such as wood veneers,veneered plywood, flooring,etc.
We are growing continuously to providing excellent quality standard and custom products to the worldwide.We also have built ours reputation on supplying customers service to take care of questions, orders, shipping and follow-up!
We invite you to explore our website to discover the variety of wood veneer,veneered panels,flooring and others decorative materials.


All kinds of fancy wood veneer,faced fancy plywood,engineered flooring,etc
The most popular oak,walnut,ash,maple,ebony,zebra,teak,rosewood,sapeli,wenge,cherry,elm……
Not only shipping,also save money for you !
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Thousands of patterns of wood veneer and decorative veneered wood panels !
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