matching veneer

Matching Veneer

If you are the manufacturers of veneer furniture and door. You have to think about the splicing matched veneer.

The matched veneer is a jointed wood veneer sheet, which can be edge glued veneer or thread spliced veneer. By matching wood veneer leaves, you can get standard book matched veneer, slip matched veneer, and random match veneer.

For some special woodworking projects, architects and designers want the diamond match, herringbone match, sunburst match, and other patterns matching veneers.

Usually, all those matched veneers are apply for door or panel layons. The veneer layons are custom made wood veneer sheets.
The spliced matching veneer and layons can be many different sizes with a variety of wood species.

Generally, the most popular are matched walnut veneer and layons, and matched oak veneer and layons.

8 Main Types of Veneer Matching

Book Matched Veneer

Book matched veneer is the most common matching veneer.

Every other piece of veneer leaves is turned over to splicing together.  That veneers jointing has a mirrored appearance.

No matter flat cut crown wood grain veneer, or rift cut straight line grain veneer sheet. The book-matched veneer is always the preferred option.

But most joinery companies like to use book matched walnut veneer, book matched red oak veneer, and white oak veneers.

In addition to standard 0.4mm and 0.5mm thickness book matched veneers, you can get 0.2mm to 0.3mm thin paper backed book matching veneer.

In Germany and other European wood veneer markets, they like to use fleece backed matching veneers. Fleece backed veneer is durable and flexible to avoiding split.

Slip Matched Veneer

Slip matched veneer is the second popular wood veneer matching method.

The veneer leaves are spliced in sequence matching without turning over or flipping the veneer flitch.

In this regard, sequence matched veneer is the most simple matched veneer sheet.

When it comes to quarter slicing and rift cut grain veneer, the common splicing is slip matching.

Such as rift cut white oak and half crown white oak veneers. Plywood veneering manufacturers like to use slip matched veneer sheets. For architectural panels face application.

Certainly, slip matched walnut veneer in crown grains is also very popular for internal veneer doors and wall covering.

Random Match Veneer

Do not want the sequence matching veneer patterns? You can consider the random match veneers.

If your designs need the ruleless veneer face. You should think about random matched veneers too.

On the other hand, if you have some B grade or lower quality wood veneers, and they have no good grains. You can think about making random matched veneer sheets.

Not only saving the total costs but also make full use of all the wood veneer materials.

Undoubtedly, random matched walnut veneer and random matched red oak veneer are the two most popular wood species.

Door/Panel Veneer Layons

We provide cut to size service for all spliced veneer layons.

A door size match veneer is especially applied in particular internal wood veneer doors.

For door manufacturers, buy wood veneer layons will make short lead time and save total costs.

For some antique interior designs, you may need veneer layons with marquetry inlay. That is what we are good at.

You can choose the common book-matched veneer layons, slip matched veneer layons, and random matching layons.

Moreover, pattern matching veneer layons are also available from our veneer supplies.

Herringbone Matching Veneer

Herringbone matching veneer also known as V matched veneer.

By selecting, preparing, cutting, and jointing veneers to make high-quality herringbone pattern layons.

This is the popular V pattern veneer layons for wood doors and cabinet.

With the matched herringbone pattern veneers. We can combi them to Box pattern veneer, Reverse Box pattern veneer and Diamond matching veneer. Or Reverse Diamond pattern veneer, and Sunburst veneers.

Sometimes, if you want a small herringbone grains veneer sheet, you can think about woven veneers.

We always suggest our clients make fleece-backed support on those matched veneer sheets. To keep the veneers flexible and durable.

Sunburst Pattern Veneer

Sunburst pattern veneer is a type of special hand-inlaid veneer.

First of all, we choose the good quality and perfect grains raw veneer sheets. Then cut them into the radius pieces.

According to the sunburst pattern designs, we need to control the grains and cutting very well.

Secondly, those small pieces of veneers will be spliced together to form a sunburst pattern. Furthermore, you can ask for the veneer marquetry inlay. The mother of pearl shell and abalone paper veneer is also available for inlay veneers.

To avoid the split or break, you can get the fleece backed or paper backed support.

The sunburst matched veneer is mainly used for round table top or wall art.

Diamond Match Veneer

There are two main types of diamond matched veneers.

One is a standard diamond matched veneer, another is a reverse diamond match veneer.

They have the same veneer matching method with box matching veneers.

Mostly, quarter slicing or rift cut straight grain veneers are used to make diamond matched veneers. But some wood door designs also like the flat cut crown grain veneers to form the diamond patterns.

Natural wood veneer and reconstituted veneer both are the best options for raw materials.

Most people like Walnut, Ash, Teak, Zebrano, and Ebony wood species made diamond pattern veneers.

Pattern Match Veneer

Pattern match veneer is a simple type of hand inlaid wood veneer.

Generally, pattern matched veneer is made by natural wood veneer, engineered veneer, or bamboo veneer.

All the matched patterns are designed by architects and designers.

The veneer pieces are cut by veneer guillotine machine, not CNC laser cutting.

Because there is no marquetry inlay on the pattern match veneers.

But the pattern match veneer is some complicated than geometric inlay veneer sheet.

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Design Pattern Match Veneer

When you buy matched wood veneer and veneer layons, most are 0.4mm, 0.5mm, or 0.6mm natural wood veneers.

In the beginning, people use hand woodworking Zigzag sewing machine and glue thread to joint natural veneer leaves.

Subsequently, threadless veneer splicing machines are popular in wood veneer jointing. With better veneer faces than thread spliced veneers.

Not only standard panel and door size matched wood veneers you can get the supply from us. You also can get the custom cut service with a variety of sizes and shapes.

However, some architects and designers have special design requirements for wood veneer faces. Such as wood veneer layons with inlays.

In simple words, whatever wood veneer faces matching your need, contact our sales team to get support.


We are here to help you 24/7 and respond WITHIN 10 HOURS !

Why Choose Our Matching Veneer and Layons

  • Over 10 years of experience in the spliced matching wood veneer and veneer layons.

  • Over 120 wood veneer door and veneer furniture factories buy our wood veneer matched faces.  For high-end veneer door, furniture, cabinets, and wall background covering.

  • Standard 0.4mm, 0.5mm thick natural veneers, and 0.25mm to 0.3mm paper-thin wood veneer all available from our supplies.

  • One-stop shopping wood veneer supplier from China. Providing you good quality matched veneers with competitive prices. You can buy more than 8 types of match wood veneer. Like book-matched veneer, slip matched veneer, random match veneer, door/panel faces veneer layons. And herringbone matching veneer, sunburst pattern veneer, diamond matched veneer. Even special pattern matched veneer, etc.

  • Competitive rate shipping of matched wood veneer by sea, by air, by FedEx/DHL/TNT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.  What is veneer matching?
A1. Veneer matching is the glue jointed wood veneer sheet. Using thread spliced or threadless spliced matching machine. Joint and match individual thin wood veneer leaf to the design patterns.

Q2.  How many types of wood veneer matching method?
A2.  There are so many veneer matching methods, but the common has 8 types of matching veneer sheet methods, others are special design patterns. The common veneer matching includes Book-matched veneer, Slip matched veneer, Random match veneer. And Diamond match veneer, Herringbone match veneer, Balance match veneer.

Q3.  How is the matching veneer made?
A3.  Most of the matching veneers are handmade. First, we select qualified natural veneers or engineered veneers, then cut them into the desired length, width, or shapes. At last, we match the veneer patterns and joint them with glue according to the designs.

Q4.  What is the matched veneer specification?
A4.  Ideally, the length and width of the matched veneers can be customized to any size. But the common size is 1000mm X 2000mm or 1220mm X 2440mm.

Q5.  How thick/thin can matched veneer be?
A5.  The thickness can be from 0.25mm to 1.2mm, but the common thickness is 0.4mm as standard in the China veneer market. 0.25mm to 0.3mm thin veneer matching sheet has to be with fleece backed.

Q6.What is the matched veneer application?
A6.  The matched wood veneers are mainly used for veneer door, face plywood or other boards, the top layer of flooring, furniture, cabinet, wall background covering, and other interior joinery products.

Q7.  Where to buy matching wood veneer?
A7.  You can find it from your local carpentry. If not, you can contact us to buy it from China.

Q8.  What is wood veneer layons?
A8.  The wood veneer layons are custom made splicing wood veneer sheets.