Fully integrated wood veneer edge banding supplier in China


Edge Banding Veneer

Also know as finger-joint wood veneer, which uses natural wood veneer or engineered veneer as raw materials
We produce 15mm to 300mm width edgebanding veneer and wrapping profile veneers in thickness 0.3mm to 2.0mm
15mm to 60mm width veneers as edge banding veneer,60mm to 300mm width veneers as profile wrapping veneer
Moreover, you can find natural veneer edge banding, reconstituted veneer edge banding, UV pre-finished veneer edge banding, natural veneer profile wrapping, reconstituted profile wrapping veneer, UV pre-finished veneer profile wrapping

Types of edgebanding veneer

Veneer edge banding is a kind of woodworking accessories, the raw materials are real hardwood veneers, such as red oak, white oak, ash, walnut, cherry, birch, maple, sapele, ebony, rosewood, teak, wenge, etc. They are widely used for wood furniture, door, cabinet, and veneered panels edge to keep them have the same solid wood looking.

edge banding veneer natural walnut

Natural walnut

edge banding veneer engineered ebony

Engineered ebony

edge banding veneer walnut burl

Walnut burl

edge banding veneer UV walnut

UV pre-finished walnut

edge banding veneer cross grain

Cross grain oak

edge banding veneer dyed veneer

Dyed veneer

edge banding veneer engineered cherry

Engineered cherry

edge banding veneer natural ash

Natural ash

Types of profile wrapping veneer

Veneer profile wrapping is also for woodworking, wrapping profile veneer also have the same technical process as the above edge banding veneer, But the width is about 60mm to 300mm, also support with the non woven fabric (fleece) as the back layer. They are mainly used to make the wood door profiles wrapping, wrapping face frame or molding.

profile wrapping veneer oak

Natural red oak

Engineered grey oak

profile wrapping veneer dyed veneer

Dyed veneer

profile wrapping veneer UV pre-finished

UV pre-finished