Rosewood veneer sheets

  • Description:

    Rosewood veneer sheets are kinds of decorative hardwood veneers,which also known as engineered wood veneer,composite wood veneer,man-made wood veneer,artificial wood veneer. It is made from natural fast-growing renewable wood,like Poplar,Ayous and Basswood.Reconstituted wood veneer is produced by compression moulding forming of different colors of dyed wood veneers.It keeps the natural wood`s features,but free from natural wood defects.

    As a kind of environmentally friendly new decorative wood veneers,rosewood veneer sheets are widely used for wood furniture,door skin,cabinet,engineered flooring,veneered wood panels manufacturing,wood profiles,hotel decoration and other interior decoration.

rosewood veneer sheets
  • Our Characteristic:

    1,Environmentally friendly.  Our recon veneer can reach E0 grade,normal reach E1 grade.
    2,Real high color fastness
    3,There are hundreds of patterns for your choice.
    4,Supply with stable quality and quantities.
    5,Higher density,More smooth.          It will save more painting for you.

engineeered veneer application
  • Dimensions:

    Thickness: 0.2-3.0mm
    Length : standard 2500mm,2050mm, Max 3100mm.
    Width: standard 640mm, Max 1250mm.
    We also provide OEM service,so you can get any sheets size(Length,Width,Thickness) of rosewood veneer sheets.
    Back: Original, Fleece(non-woven fabric) backing,Kraft paper backing