Veneered plywood

  • Description:

    Veneered plywood is the plywood base decorative panel.We also name it wood veneer faced plywood. It is very important to select the right base board and face & back veneers for this kind of veneered plywood.We suggest to choose the quality plywood as the base core.And then face the wood veneers for the face and back of plywood.

veneered plywood
  1. Face veneer : You can choose any natural wood veneers or engineered wood veneers.
  2. Base board :  Choose the raw materials of plywood,thickness and dimensions.
  3. Back layer : We suggest make a backing to your veneere plywood,which can make the full sheets veneered plywood have a better stability.
veneer faced plywood
  • Dimensions:

    Thickness: 5.0-20.0mm
    Length : standard 2440mm
    Width: standard 1220mm
    We also provide OEM service,so you can get any sheets size(Length,Width,Thickness).