paper thin wood veneer

Paper Thin Wood Veneer

Paper thin wood veneer is 0.15mm to 0.25mm thin wood veneer sheet or veneer rolls.

Some ultra thin wood veneer can be 0.1mm more or less, which depended on the wood species.

You can get thin engineered veneer or thin natural wood veneer. Even the thin dyed veneer is also available in China.

Moreover, thin bamboo veneer and thin burl veneer also can be sliced to 0.25mm and 0.15mm thickness.

But most importantly, all the super thin wood sheets should be with fleece backed or paper backed support. Then the thin wood veneer will be flexible and durable.

For the traditional laminated veneer process. The door, cabinet, and furniture makers like to use 0.5mm to 0.6mm thick veneers to laminated with plywood, MDF, or particleboard.

In fact, paper thin wood sheets can save more costs.

10 Main Types of Paper Thin Wood Veneer

Thin Engineered Veneer

Engineered veneer is the same as reconstituted veneer, with different names. They are man-made artificial veneers.

Alpi reconstituted veneer is famous in the world as Italy brand. But most of their wood veneers thickness in 0.55mm, 0.6mm, and more.

If you want super thin engineered veneer, you have to consider Chinese engineered veneer suppliers.

Chinese engineered veneer slicing factories are good at micro thin engineered veneer.

As you probably know, the thickness of the engineered veneer can be thinnest 0.15mm.

But most importantly, the thinnest wood veneer has to put fleece backed or paper backed support.

Thin Natural Wood Veneer

Thin natural wood veneer gives the best utilization of wood resources.

As you may know, the thinnest natural wood veneers can be sliced in about 0.15mm to 0.2mm.

For example, American white oak, red oak, and walnut wood species. They can be sliced from 0.2mm to 0.3mm as a popular paper thin wood veneer.

Thin oak wood sheets are the most popular thin veneer sheets for facing plywood or furniture decoration.

If you have no experience with laminated thin wood veneer, you can choose paper backed veneer or fleece backed veneer.

We can also splice thin veneer sheets to 2x8ft or 4x8ft size with paper backed or fleece backed.

Thin Dyed Veneer

In fact, thin dyed veneer is the same as the above thin natural veneer.

After slicing the natural wood veneer to 0.2mm to 0.3mm thickness, we dye the thin wood veneer to the desired colors.

As you may know, European dyed veneer companies are good at thick dyed wood veneers. Such as Tabu dyed veneer from Italy.

In general, you can find 0.5mm, 0.55mm, or 0.6mm thick dyed veneer from European veneer suppliers.

Instead of dyed thick natural veneer, you can find 0.2mm to 0.3mm ultra thin dyed veneer from China.

The popular thin dyed veneer wood species are dyed walnut veneer, dyed figured veneer, dyed white veneer, dyed birdseye maple veneer, dyed koto veneer, dyed lacewood veneer.

Thin Bamboo Veneer

When it comes to paper thin bamboo veneer sheet, the thinnest bamboo veneer is about 0.25mm with fleece backed.

Compared with paper thin wood veneer, bamboo veneer sheet can not be 0.1mm to 0.15mm super thin.

Sometimes, the designer or buyer wants the bamboo veneer sheet can be as thin as possible to get a better light transmission.

In this regard, fleece backed bamboo veneer in 0.25mm is a great option.

Usually, vertical grain bamboo veneer sheets have a better quality than planked bamboo veneer sheets as thin veneers.

Thin Burl Wood Veneer

Paper thin burl wood veneer can be a real natural burl wood veneer sheet or reconstituted burl veneer.

For thin natural burl wood veneer. We supply only Mappa burl, Walnut burl, Golden burl, Golden Phoebe Nanmu Burl, Camphor burl, and Fir burl.

The thinnest natural burl veneer is about 0.12mm. We use it to make fleece-backed burl veneer pieces, paper backed burl veneer sheets and laminated burl veneer rolls.

In addition to the above 6 types of natural burl wood veneer. You can get cross cut grain walnut, oak, and Chinese ash super thin round veneer pieces with fleece backing.

It is known as the end grain veneer.

Paper Backed Thin Veneer

Want paper-thin wood veneer in big size?

Kraft paper backed thin wood veneer is the best solution.

The top layer can be either natural wood veneer or engineered veneer. Then laminated with kraft paper as the back layer.

It can be 2x8ft or 4x8ft size with a total thickness of about 0.25mm to 0.28mm.

In this way, you can have a real natural wood feeling surface decoration, but with very competitive prices.

But most importantly, you must be good at the bonding of paper back veneer sheets with plywood or MDF.

If not, you can make some veneering test first to avoid the peeling and bubbling problems.

Fleece Backed Thin Veneer

When someone wants micro-thin wood veneers. I always suggest the thin hardwood veneer sheet make fleece backing.

In this way, fleece backing can keep the thin wood veneer sheet durable, flexible, and bendable.

In the veneered door and furniture manufacturing. Many of our clients choose 0.2mm thin fleece-backed engineered veneer as surface decoration.

So if you want big size paper thin natural wood veneers with fleece backing, but in big sheet size.

You can get our service of spliced matching wood veneers.

Thin Wood Veneer Rolls

There are two main types of thin wood veneer rolls.

One is the thin veneer edge banding roll, another is the thin veneer wrapping.

The thinnest wood veneer rolls are about 0.2mm to 0.25mm, max-width is 300mm with customized length.

As earlier mentioned, the raw thin wood sheet can be the natural wood veneer or engineered veneer.

For some special designs, you can choose cross grain veneer rolls, burl wood veneer rolls, dyed veneer rolls, rough cut veneer rolls, and end grain veneer rolls.

Thin Veneer Layons

In general, most matched veneer layons are made of thick veneer.

But now, you should think about the 0.2mm to 0.3mm thin veneer layons as an alternative.

Paper thin wood veneer layons keep the original wood color and grains, but with very competitive prices.

At the same time, thin matching veneer has to be with fleece backing.

You can get door size veneer layons or customized panel size veneer layons.

Most of the thin veneer layons are the threadless spliced thin veneer sheets.

No matter natural oak veneer layons, book matched walnut veneer or custom pattern veneer matching. Paper thin wood sheets have the same appearance with thick veneers.

Thin Geometric Veneer

The geometric veneer is a designer wood veneer sheet. It is known as mosaic wood veneers or 3D matching wood veneer.

Sliced thin veneer sheets are the specialty geometric wood veneers in thickness 0.2mm to 0.3mm.

The standard geometric wood veneer sheet size is 2500mm in length with a width of 430mm.

But some special pine end grain veneer designs only can make 1 meter length.

Most of the geometric wood veneers apply for wood door face and special interior wall covering.

You can choose to make fleece back geometric veneer or paper backed geometric wood veneer to make backed veneer sheets flexible and durable.

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When you buy wood veneer from suppliers locally, most supplies are 0.4mm, 0.5mm, or 0.6mm natural wood veneers.

When it comes to paper thin wood veneer, you have to consider to buy from China wood veneer suppliers.

For some popular wood species, like red oak veneer, white oak veneer, walnut veneer, and Burma teak veneer.

We can slice to micro thin 0.15mm to 0.2mm veneer sheets.

Chinese local veneered panels manufacturers use moist raw veneers to face the plywood or MDF for furniture and wall decoration.

For the international thin wood veneer sheets buyer, we suggest making fleece backed to kraft paper backed to make the thin veneer sheets are flexible and durable.


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Why Choose Our Paper Thin Wood Veneer

  • Over 10 years of experience in the sliced natural wood veneer and engineered veneer.

  • Over 120 wood veneer door and veneer furniture factories buy our wood veneer sheets or rolls.  For high-end veneer door, furniture, cabinets, and wall background covering.

  • 0.2mm to 0.25mm thin wood veneer, and standard 0.4mm to 0.5mm thick veneer all available from our supplies.

  • One-stop shopping wood veneer supplier from China. Providing you good quality matched veneers with competitive prices. You can buy more than 10 types of paper thin wood veneer. Like 0.2mm thin engineered walnut veneer, 0.2mm thin oak veneer, 0.2mm to 0.25mm thin dyed veneer sheets. And 0.2mm thin wood veneer rolls, 0.2mm bamboo veneer, 0.2mm smoked oak veneer. Even special pattern matched thin veneer layons, etc.

  • Competitive rate shipping of super thin wood veneer by sea, by air, by FedEx/DHL/TNT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.  What is paper thin wood veneer ?
A1.  Paper thin wood veneer is the sliced thin wood veneer sheet. It can be real natural wood veneer or man made reconstituted veneer.

Q2.  How many types of thin wood veneer?
A2.  Almost all the natural wood species can be sliced into paper thin wood sheets. There are more than 10 main types of thin wood veneer. Such as thin engineered veneer, thin dyed veneer, thin bamboo veneer, thin burl veneer, thin smoked veneer.

Q3.  How thin can wood veneer be?
A3.  The thinnest wood veneer can be from 0.15mm to 0.2mm. The different wood species have different features. For example, natural white oak and red oak wood can be sliced to 0.2mm thin, and the teak veneer and burl veneer can be 0.15mm.

Q4.  What is the paper thin veneer specification?
A4.  Ideally, the length and width of the thin wood sheet can be customized to any size. But the common size is the length in 2500mm and up, width in 100mm and up for natural wood veneers.  For the reconstituted veneer, the standard sheet size is 2500x640mm.

Q5.  Why use paper thin wood veneer?
A5.  Thin natural wood veneers give the best utilization of wood resources. We can use the same volume of trees to make more area surface decoration.

Q6.  Can I use micro thin wood veneer without backer?
A6.  We always suggest our overseas client use super thin wood veneer sheets with backer. You can choose fleece backing or paper backing. But fleece backed veneer sheets or rolls will be better than paper backed veneers if you are not good at paperback veneer.

Q7.  Where to buy paper thin wood veneer?
A7.  Usually, it is difficult for you to find it from your local wood veneer suppliers. But, you can consider buying it from China. Because paper thin veneer sheets production has been more than 15 years in China.