dark wood veneer

Dark Wood Veneer

Dark wood veneer is a dark color natural veneer, dyed dark veneer, or dark engineered veneer.

As dark natural veneers, you can find American walnut, walnut burl, Rosewood, Ebony Macassar, and Wenge. All those are the real natural dark veneers. They keep the original dark wood colors.

At the same time, you can choose the dyed dark veneers. Such as dyed dark oak veneer, dyed dark ash veneer, dyed dark koto veneer, dyed dark lacewood veneer, and so on. Even the black walnut veneer is also can be dyed into pure dark color veneer sheets.

Besides, the dark engineered veneer is a great option to have a large sheet with competitive prices. For example, reconstituted dark veneer sheets with designs of walnut, oak, grey, ebony, wenge, Zebrano, and rosewood.

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Aparte de ser una opción ecológica. Ya que con árbol de madera fina, puede lograrce el acabado para muchos muebles., closets, puertas, repisas, etc.
Recomiendo mucho este producto.
El envío es muy rápido.
Y perfectamente bien empacado.
Y la información que proporciona el vendedor es muy clara.

Jose, Wood door manufacturer

A very comprehensive wood veneer supplier with all detailed information. Certainly, Rain & WoodenAve has been supplying my furniture factory the quality recon veneer, and not only do we get the best quality we also get the best service we can get.
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We are a veneer company in UAE specializing in Veneers (Natural and Reconstituted). They helped us a lot to understand more what is an Engineered (Reconstituted) Veneer. Details were clearly discussed. And technical information was readily available.

Mohamed Ali, Veneer trading company

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.  What is the dark wood veneer?
A1.  It is dark color wood veneer sheet or roll. It can be an original dark color wood or engineered dark wood.

Q2.  How many types of dark veneer sheets?
A2.  There are 3 main types of dark veneer are available. Such as natural American walnut, dark walnut burl, Ebony Macassar, and Wenge. And dyed dark oak veneer sheets, dyed dark ash veneer, dyed dark koto veneer. Moreover, dark color engineered veneers have many different color designs.

Q3.  How thick/thin should the dark veneer sheet be?
A3.  We supply 0.4mm and 0.5mm as standard thickness. According to the different applications and clients’ request details. We supply 0.2mm to 0.3mm paper thin dark veneer sheets or rolls.

Q4.  What is the dark veneer sheet specification?
A4.  Ideally, the length and width of the dark veneer sheet can be customized to any size. But the common size is the length in 2500mm and up, width in 100mm and up for natural wood veneer.  For the dark reconstituted veneer, the standard sheet size is 2500x640mm.

Q5.  How to select the dark veneer sheet?
A5.  Usually, to save the total costs, veneered plywood/MDF factories use 0.15mm to 0.2mm thin dark wood veneer to face plywood/MDF in China. Some high-end veneered furniture factories choose 0.4mm to 0.5mm thick veneer for facing. We suggest dark engineered veneers if your clients do not specify the natural veneer.

Q6.  Can oak veneer be dark?
A6.  By the process of dyeing or fuming, the natural oak veneer can be a dark color, chocolate color, or dark brown color.

Q7.  What size dark wood veneer rolls for wrapping and edging?
A7.  Usually, the width of dark veneer edging is from 15mm to 60mm, the wrapping veneer wide is from 60mm to 600mm. The thickness is available from 0.25mm to 1mm.

Q8.  Which dark veneers are demand and growth in the global veneer sheet market?
A8.  Over the years, dark grey dyed veneer and reconstituted veneer are much popular. Smoked oak and eucalyptus are also in big demand. But the best selling still is the dark walnut veneer.