veneer laminate

  • Description:

    Veneer laminate is kraft paper backed wood veneer,which use the thin natural veneers,engineered wood veneers or woven wood veneer as the face veneers,and then laminated with the kraft paper as the back layer.They are widely used for the fabrication of wood door,cabinet and furniture.It is easy to apply,and the most important is the kerf (cutting edges) is much more clear.

    Veneer Match: Book match,Herringbone match,Slip match,Center match,Balance match,Diamond match,Book&Butt match,Random match

    Grade: AAA,AA

book matched veneer
  • Dimensions:

    Length: less than 3100mm
    Thickness: 0.2-0.6mm

    We also provide OEM service,so you can get the customized size.
    You also can contact our support team for other species or technical of veneer laminate.