raw wood veneer

  • Description:

    Our raw wood veneer is mainly from natural veneers,and then we make them to paper backed veneer,fleece backed veneer,splicing matched veneer.This way can save you more times to applying veneer in wood working.It will be very easy to face them on the plywood,MDF,blockboard and others panels.
    Splicing matched veneer is one of the best quality finished raw wood veneer,because we have to use the thick wood veneers ,So that ensure the quality at the beginning. The main wood species we use are red oak,white oak,walnut,cherry,sapele,ash,maple,teak,rosewood.bubinga.

    Veneer Matching: Booking matching,Herringbone matching,Slip matching,Diamond matching,Random matching

    Grade: AAA,AA,A

raw wood veneer
  • Dimensions:

    Length: depended on the veneers
    Thickness: 0.3-0.6mm

    We also provide OEM service,so you can get the customized size.
    You also can contact our support team for other species or technical of raw wood veneer.