white birch veneer


White birch veneer is one type of our popular decorative engineered veneer designs.
Our main wood veneers include engineered wood veneer, natural wood veneers , paperback veneer,fleece back thin wood veneer,splicing matched veneer,woven veneer and edge banding veneer .
And our main clients are wood door manufacturer,hotel contractor,cabinet company,furniture company and interior decoration companies in Europe,Latin America,Asian and Mid-east.

White birch veneer can be process to paper backing veneer,fleece back veneer,splice matched veneers and edge banding veneer roll.
So we can provide all the decor wood veneers solution for interior decoration. And you also can use our wood veneers to do the DIY woodworking.
Choose wood veneers to finish your best woodworking.

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In the manufacturing and designing of wood door,furniture and interiors,this white birch veneer will save the total costs for your projects. To comparing with the variations of natural veneers`colors and grains,the engineered veneer has a consistent color,pattern and grain structure.

How to buy wood veneer :

  1. Thickness

    Choose the thickness of wood veneers.
    The above are our standard thickness,we also can produce the special thickness of white birch veneer according to orders.

  2. Length

    Choose the length of wood veneers.
    The standard length of engineered veneer is 2500mm. It is also acceptable for customized length(Max length 3400mm).

  3. Width

    Choose the width of wood veneers.
    The standard width of engineered veneer is 640mm. They are also can splice to 1250/1280 mm width.

  4. Pattern

    Choose the wood species pattern is the first important step.There are many colors and grains for each series.You can choose our designs,and we also can match white birch veneer according to your samples.

  5. Grains

    Choose the wood grains as bellow.
    Flat cut (cathedral)/ Quarter cut (straight grain) / Burlwood veneer / Exotic

    Welcome to contact with our sales team if you do not find what you want !

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