sapele wood veneer

  • Description:

    Sapele wood veneer,also name sapeli veneer, which is a kind of sliced hardwood veneers, sliced from natural hardwood logs,keep the original beautiful wood grains and colors,as one of most popular decorative hardwood species,sapele wood veneer is widely used for wood furniture,wood door,wood flooring,veneered panels manufacturing,hotel decoration and other interior decoration.

    Grains: Quarter cut,Crown cut,Pommele

    Grade: AAA,AA,A

sapele wood veneer
  • Dimensions:

    Length: 2000mm up                       Width: 100mm up                       Thickness: 0.3-2.0mm

    Splicing full sheets size : 2500*640mm,2500*1250mm or custom orders.
    We also provide OEM service,so you can get any sheets size by edge splicing and cutting.
    You also can choose to make the fleece(non-woven fabric) backing or kraft paper backing to make the sapele wood veneer sheets smooth and strong enough,also more flexible and easy to apply.